Knowing this database system is very essential for the design of dynamic websites. These are the keys to create all the functionalities of a site or applications


Who are those concerned with this training ?

This Course is for web designers, Web builders, and web developers


General knowledge on HTML and , CSS languages are necessary


General informations and Definitions

  • Theory on Web Programming (Languages, roles, applications)
  • Features and PHP strength
  • Functionality and Architecture
  • Data Base Theory
  • Write an object-oriented PHP scripts

PHP configuration

  • Install PHP on a server
  • Installation of a local server (Wimp or EasyPHP)
  • ini configuration

PHP source code Structure

  • File inclusion in HTML code
  • PHP Tags and instructions
  • Contants & Variables
  • Data types

Processing PHP code

Use of operators

Control structure (loops, instructions, conditions)

Functions and calls in PHP

String processing and conversions

Manipulation on strings of characters

Array management (merging, processing, splitting, keys…)

Common and usual functions

Mathematical functions

Date processing with PHP

Hash function

Application exercise: creating a limited access

Form processing and superglobals

Reminders on HTML forms

Retrieving data in PHP: GET and POST methods

Sending files via PHP

Sending emails with attachments

Web environment

.htaccess file and role related to PHP

Connection parameters

HTTP request

Possible interactions (javascript, servers, etc.)

Sessions and cookies

General operation and role

Reading and writing a cookie

Creation and use of sessions

Data security

File management

Permissions and access rights

Handling and management of directories and files

Reading and writing in a file

Security and files

MySQL databases

Presentation of MySQL and PhpMyAdmin

SQL commands and database creation

Interactions between PHP and MySQL

Query processing

Error handling

Code cleanup and comments

PHP error handling

SQL error handling

Application exercises in PHP-MySQL

Creating a form processed in PHP

Creating a complex MySQL database

Creating files on the fly

Creation of an administration interface (backoffice)

Assessment and questions

General Informations

Duration : 5 days

Objective : Learn how to create Dynamic Websites connected with MYSQL data base

Number of Trainee : Single or in a group of 15 people

Place : CES CITE SIC Douala Bassa

Cost: 50.000 Frs

Teaching Methods

Course Material: Audiovisual

Class Room: Air conditioned, well equipped and performant computers

Small number of trainees: 15 trainees

A USB key containing the lessons and some bonuses giving to all the participants

Practical Exercise realized by each participant

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