Joomla Training in Douala

Master how to created a site from A to Z with Joomla from installation to optimization. We have many references in Joomla training in Douala with 10 years experience.


Who are those concerned with this training ?

This Course is suitable for professional user, call to contribute in the management and maintenance of a company web site


Master HTML and CSS, Language

Training program

  • Joomla Historical
  • Joomla!, a CMS (Content Management System)
  • Joomla license and users conditions
  • how to efficiently improve a web site: website test and production
  • Joomla vocabulary : Front End, Back End, Extensions, Templates, Plugging, Modules, Components
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Joomla like CMS
  • Where to have Joomla helpInstallation of Joomla CMS
    • Presentation of technical requirements
    • Recall on client / server models
    • Hosting: Service providers , proposer offers (Windows, Linux, …)
    • Download and installation of Joomla
    • Joomla Historical
    • The choice and version of Joomla today (2.5? 3.0?)
    • Setting and presenting Joomla Administrative interface
    • Joomla Global configuration

    Joomla article management

    • Creation, publication, modification and archiving of articles
    • Category management
    • Managing the home page
    • Menus: Modify the existing menu
    • Menus: Create several menus on a Joomla site
    • Media (images, animations, etc.)
    • Advertisements
    • Writing tips for the web to improve your referencing


    • Global configuration of Joomla

    Management of Joomla users

    • Management of public and private areas
    • Management of access levels: authors, publishers, administrators, etc.
    • Presentation of advanced rights management tools
    • How to set up a reserved area (extranet, intranet)
    • Authentication management with Facebook, with Google

    Management of Joomla modules and components

    • Principles
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • Use of modules and basic components
    • Installation of modules and external components
    • Joomla plugins
    • Managing advertising banners
    • Setting up news feeds (RSS)
    • Creating polls
    • Social network modules: Twitter, Facebook, Google+

    Managing Joomla extensions

    • How to download and install extensions
    • Copy of other extensions
    • The tools menu
    • Managing the site’s languages: default language, …
    • Administration modules
    • Add features to your site by installing extensions: audio players, source code, emailing, newsletter, image gallery, etc.
    • Install Google Analytics to know your users (number of visits, traffic sources, etc.)
    • Set up a Blog

    Use of Joomla templates

    • Creating your visual identity
    • Web languages: XHTML, CSS, XML
    • Presentation of the preinstalled templates
    • Installation of new templates
    • Modification of templates
    • W3C standards: what impact on your site?
    • Templates and SEO

    Maintenance of a site under Joomla

    • Backup policies, set up
    • Repairing a Joomla
    • Managing Joomla archives
    • Manage the cache efficiently for a site with a large audience
    • Use of statistical tools
    • Security: Renaming the administrator directory, limiting access, etc.

    General Informations

    Duration : 4 days

    Objective : this JOOMLA training is done in Douala, Web design capital in Cameroon. Learn how to create a dynamic site with our expert trainers

    Number of Trainee : Single or in a group of 15 people

    Place : CES CITE SIC Douala Bassa

    Cost: 50.000 Frs

    Teaching Methods

    Course Material: Audiovisual

    Class Room: Air conditioned, well equipped and performant computers

    Small number of trainees: 15 trainees

    A USB key containing the lessons and some bonuses giving to all the participants

    Practical Exercise realized by each participant

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