Adobe Premiere pro CC training

With this training on Adobe Premiere, you will learn how to make professional video montages. Here are some of our projects.

Objectives of the Adobe Premiere Pro CC training

Who should attend this course?

This course is intended for editors and people who want to master the basics of digital video editing


Knowledge of the basic Windows environment and graphics software will be a plus

Training program

Introduction Adobe Premiere Pro software and the Creative Suite The Adobe Bridge media explorer The interface The menus The tools The main features General The different video formats The different video codecs Interlaced video and progressive video Space and color depth The material / the constraints The notions of time-line and playback head Time code and audio time unit Configuration of the device to be captured Control of the material The acquisition The de-rushing Time navigation Sequencing “Cut” editing Transitions and effects Sound system Titration Exporting
First steps The concept of project in Adobe Premiere Setting up and configuring the editing bench Working and rendering discs The de-rushing Definition of input and output points Capture on the fly Notion of standardization Media organization and management Managing and searching in the file cabinet Organization of sequences and scenes “Target” monitor / “source” monitor The basics of editing Navigating the timeline Practical workshop: from the proposed rushes, start the sequencing and the “cut” editing of a simple project of a reportage video.
Managing audio / video tracks Magnetism of the timeline Cutter The different techniques of non-linear editing: entry and exit points, 3 and 4 point editing Target tracks Inserting / overlapping audio / video tracks Sampling / extraction of audio / video tracks Trim mode Propagation splicing tool Editing tools by compensated modification / elongation Editing tools by moving over / under Geometric effect options Opacity Blend modes Jigsaw sequences Transitions (fades, overprints, flaps, etc.) Rendering Practical workshop: working with multi-track, organization, connections and movement of different scenes and sequences. Use of transition effects.
Sound The sound system The soundtrack Mixing the tracks The master Practical workshop: use of a soundtrack and/or a commentary to enrich the images. Colorimetry, effects and titling Effects (blurring, sharpness, etc.) The different colorimetric representations The color correction tools The adjustment layers The color masks Lumetri domain Lumtri color Animated titles and subtitles Security grid Masks The generic Practical workshop: creation of titles and subtitles, logo inlay in the video editing. Creation of generic.
The complements Dressing:
  • Importing elements from Photoshop
  • Importing elements from After Effects
Practical workshop: making a skin, importing images and / or additional effects into the video. Finalization Export settings Exporting The different recording and compression formats Encoding for different broadcasting modes Practical workshop: exporting the project for different media.

General information

Duration : 5 days

Objectives: Simple editing from rushes, crossfading and basic audio mixing

Number of participants: Individuals or groups of 15 persons

Location: CES CITE SIC Douala Bassa

Cost: 50.000 FCFA

Pedagogical means

Course support: Audiovisual

Classroom: air-conditioned with high performance computers

Small number of trainees: 15 trainees

A USB key containing the course material and bonuses is given to each participant

Practical work carried out in case studies by each participant

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