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Computer Maintenance at NUMERIX

Our Computer Maintenance service is based in Douala and our Technicians are pro-active and flexible  to provide to our customers all their best  in all the domain of  computer maintenance. This service includes: Hardware and software management, data management via an intranet, data backup, advice, user assistance, troubleshooting and repair. In order to ensure transparency in our partnership, we provide you with an annual contract (not obligatory, interventions can take place spontaneously) Solving your problems is our main objectives. Moreover, we intervene on site or at home.

Our agency ensures the computer maintenance of small and medium-sized businesses operating in various sectors in Douala and all over Cameroon. Entrust the IT support and maintenance of your business and company in the hands of professionals.

Our intervention formulas

Corrective Maintenance

In case of problem, we intervene respecting our Service Level Agreements. Of course, it is not possible to anticipate everything, but many hardware and software “bugs” can be anticipated.

Preventive maintenance

We carry out a cleaning of your computers, the software update or the removal of possible viruses or other malwares.

Evolutive maintenance

We improve the system reliability  in relation to the evolution of technologies. it can be done by  the installation of new equipment or the update of software.

Our offers in computer maintenance in Douala include

Troubleshooting, installation and commissioning


  • Diagnosis and problem solving on PC (Windows or Linux) network equipment,
  • Installation of systems, software, peripherals and networks
  • Configuration of Internet access and email,
  • Security (antivirus, data protection and networks access),
  • Performance improvement,


  • Resolution of your Internet access problems by intervening on your behalf with your access provider,
  • Supervision of repair procedures by the manufacturer of your computer in case of hardware failure (computer under warranty or out of warranty),
  • Technical assistance by telephone,


  • Design of computer architectures,
  • Advice on the choice and use of hardware and software,
  • Management of computer project.

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